Sustainable Business Practices


We endeavour to minimize our impact on the environment, by engaging with stakeholders and ensuring that our by-products are carefully disposed of. We appreciate the efforts our customers are going to, to ensure that we use increasingly more environmentally friendly products. We at Saddler love the outdoors and we want our next generations to enjoy it too. We also know that nature and wildlife is not just a "nice to have", it is necessary for our global survival.


Apart from other local community donations, we support an organisation that helps orphaned and vulnerable children. We know that due to the reality of AIDS and other factors in our community, we need to be involved and not just watch what is happening around us. Our sponsoring of LIV-Village is our way of trying to make a difference. The village model is based on the well-established success of Watoto villages of Uganda. We identify with the passion and excellence that its founders are about. We know that this looming crisis needs many to come on board, but we believe that this village will thrive and expand and be an example to the rest of the world. This forms part of our Socio Economic Development strategy.


Saddler has a policy of meeting our customer demands. Sometimes this means that we need some outside assistance. The more we grow, the more we will be able to continue to support other smaller businesses and communities. This Enterprise Development has been on a relatively small scale until now, we wish to grow this in the future.


Our efforts to both promote our people from within and find the right people from outside of the company is done in the framework of Employment Equity.


Our internal and external training efforts are aimed at our Skills Development strategy. We know that the better our people become, the better our products and service will be. We are mindful that in developing our people, we are contributing towards the collective development that we all seek for South Africa.


This is another focus of ours, and we endeavour to improve in this regard.